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A huge welcome and massive thanks to you. We truly appreciate you support and investing your precious time with this movement.

We Are Your Favourite, Online Store.

We exist because we have solved a common problem women of darker skin tones especially tend to face in the fashion industry. There simply are not enough fashion options for women with darker skin shades. Fact! Our nudes are in shades of brown not beige or pink yet, where are they?

This is the problem Inmyshade.com sets out to solve. You should have the option to discover hosiery, lingerie and footwear that seamlessly blend well with your skin shade, whether you are of lighter or darker skin tone. No wonder should lack the options to find essentials in her skin tone if she wants it.

Solution: We offer a large variety of lingerie, hosiery and footwear in your skin tone. We offer them in diversity of sizes, colours, material/fabrics.

Don’t settle for one style from one shop anymore or hunt down the places you might (fingers crossed) find a shade that matches you flawlessly.  You will be thrilled when you see that the answer to one of the biggest obstacles in the fashion business has been provided by inmyshade.com.

What we do is quiet simply art! We’re inviting our customers and fans to participate in creating a distinctive brand for a distinctive and deserving customer base. So please, freely browse through and discover your nude in your style.

This is a movement that represents us and what we want to have. This is your chance to invest in an all-in-one brand that does not ignore you in fashion! Period.

With great love and the highest respect to you from

Inmyshade Team

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